HB1BBS Packet Radio System
| QTH: Ouwerkerk, The Netherlands  JO11XO 51.62477 : 3.98349 | CB: 27.235 MHz FM 1200bps | AXUDP: HB1BBS.NET UDP 93 | APRS.HB1BBS.COM | TELNET: HB1BBS.NET |

HB1BBS Mail Server

HB1BBS is a Packet Radio BBS that uses the BPQ32 windows software running on a virtuel server hosted by strato. The system is up 24/7. HB1BBS is the main mail server and BBS gateway that is used to make connections through the different packet software services for mail forwarding. 
If you want to give it a try and want to recieve mail from the NLD/EU packetradio network and get accces to the nework itself you can download the mailbox terminal program Sally7. I can give you direct access to the HB8NOS AGW gateway.  If you are running a BBS yourself we could set up a forward link to the network. 

Introduction BPQ

This is a BBS program specifically designed to interface to BPQ32. Although there are a number of perfectly adequate BBS programs about, none interface to BPQ32 particularly cleanly, and very few are still supported. The BBS is the application most users want to run BPQ for. It is capable of handling bulletins, private messages, and NTS messages. A variety of interfaces is available for users to access their messages.

Mail Client (Sally7)

Sally7 was written to be an advanced PERSONAL Message System that would interact with a BBS program like FBB/BPQ and NNA. sending and receiving message to/from your local BBS and also to/from other local stations. In the "old days" this was all via RF links although Telnet is now very common. Although Sally has many functions similar to a BBS program, it was never intended to be a BBS program itself. Whilst it can be pushed into use as a simple BBS, this is NOT its primary function, and limitations will quickly become evident. It lacks the advanced forwarding systems of FBB and NNA and other functions you expect from a BBS program. 

 Forward Routes Nederland