HB1BBS Packet Radio System
| QTH: Ouwerkerk, The Netherlands  JO11XO 51.62477 : 3.98349 | CB: 27.235 MHz FM 1200bps | AXUDP: HB1BBS.NET UDP 93 | APRS.HB1BBS.COM | TELNET: HB1BBS.NET |

HB9NOS (CB-Node)

HB9NOS uses the LinBPQ software running on a Raspberry PI 3+ with Rasbian v4.1.6-v7 as operating system. To make connection to the transcievers TX and RX signals and decode the packets Direwolf is used. HB9NOS and the APRS I-gate are online 24/7 on 27.235 MHZ FM. HB9NOS is connected to the internet to setup netrom links to other stations and act as gateway between the 11m and the internet.

Introduction BPQ

BPQ allows a computer to act as a Node in a NET/ROM compatible AX25 network, and to support a multiuser Mailbox. 
The switch section allows up to 32 ports, supporting a number of radio protocols.  The application supports up to 64 connections. The software includes an APRS digipeater and an interface to APRS/IS.

Application Services

  • HB9NOS - Gateway Node (LinBPQ)
  • HB7NOS - Netrom Node  (Jnos v2.0)
  • HB6NOS - Convers (Jnos v2.0)
  • HB3NOS - BBS (Jnos v2.0)