PD1HBL Radio Amateur Station
                                        | QTH: De Lier, The Netherlands  JO21CX 5158.85N 00414.95E | 10/20/40m DX FT4/FT8 | 20m:  14.105MHz LSB PacketRadio |

FT4/FT8 10/20/40m (HamClock)

HamClock is a kiosk-style application that provides real time space weather, radio propagation models, operating events and other information particularly useful to the radio amateur. HamClock was introduced in a QST article in the October 2017 issue and has been actively developed and expanded ever since. The User Guide provides detailed operating instructions. Explore the additional tabs for further supporting information. 73, Elwood Downey, WBØOEW