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World Of Sanctuary

Diablo II - Lord Of Destruction

In 2004 I started building a NeverWinter Nights module of what have become a remake of Blizzard's Diablo II - Lord Of Destruction. After hosting the gameserver WOS for about 12 years and having over 6000 unique players I stopt hosting and developing the module. After some thoughts I put the module on the NWM Vault, so everbody got a change to download the module. Now it's 2023 and after 12 years were back!
The original module from 2011 is online again, I just play the game for fun and look arround wondering myself again and again did I make this all back then? So i am hooked again and making some changes to the module, i'am even thinking about a whole new Act after the Holy grounds of Act XI .....  

Module updates

15-08-2023: v70.1Update
New design and updates for (Act III) Upper Kurast Mine Level 1,2,3 and Blargnax's Chamber.

13-08-2023: v70.0Update
(Act VI) City Of Caverat new area added to the module the Crypts.

09-08-2023: v66.9Update  
New theme and design of (Act I) Catacombs Level 1,2,3 and Andariel's Lair.

09-08-2023: v66.8 Update
Added music pack with original sound track from Diablo II

04-08-2023: v66.7 Update
Update area (Act X) Túr Dúlra

01-08-2023: v66.6Update
Update area (Act IX) City of Ureh (Tombs of Evil)

28-07-2023: v66.5Update
ACT VIII Change stats of Hell area bosses
ACT IV Change stats Mercenary's
ACT VI Change stats Mercenary's
Updated the inventory of all the Merchants in all Town's

27-07-2023: v66.4 Update
Fixed the Horardic Cube script thanks to L0BSTER(c) 2008

24-07-2023: v66.3 Update
Change stats on Amazon Mercenery increase AC and hitpoints
Change stats on Dwarf King ACT VII

20-07-2023: v66.2 Online
After a other 12 years the server is back online.

15-05-2011: v66.1 Offline
After 12 years the project stopt and the server was taken down.

World Of Sanctuary is a NeverWinter Nights PW or Persistent World. It is running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with constant
updates to both the world structure and scripting. It is a rich and vibrant world that you can get lost in and immerse yourself
fully into it. Our goal is to give you a world that you can truly loose yourself in and become part of the world itself and not just
seeing what's the next thing to kill is. We believe that when you play your character that you should be able to be that
character, leaving the outside world behind you and just being able to enjoy yourself. Isn't it one of the many reasons for
playing on a RP server? Our module is based on the Diablo II - Lord of Destruction game from Blizzard. This copy of Blizzard's
Diablo II contains Act I to V but the story goes on when Act V is finished and Baal is defeated. Our module tells the story from
the original Diablo game and beyond, after Act V the story continue's in six more Acts. We use players contributions and
existing stories that we found on the internet. Ever wondered how the story's leading to the Diablo III story ? This story begins
twenty years later after Baal is defeated and the Sanctuary was saved. We have a story made for you to fill in the gap between
the two original games. World of Sanctuary is build by Diablo fans for Diablo fans all over the world, to come to gather and have
fun, not only our community is playing on the Neverwinter Nights server but we play the real thing also on the battle.net servers
from Blizzard. So have a look around and join our community.